Studies say that there are about one trillion species of microorganisms that are present in our earth. They include bacteria, algae, fungus, viruses, parasites and more. The environment we are living is surrounded by millions of microorganisms. In fact, there are more than 50,000 microbes living on a square inch of our skin. Most of the bacteria are harmless to us. There are other microbes called pathogens that which can be harmful to humans and animals. Thus, they are disease causing microorganisms. Cleaning companies like deep cleaning dubai provide the best disinfection services in Dubai.

In light of current scenario, considering the world-wide spread of COVID-19, it is highly crucial to properly disinfect every surfaces to eliminate COVID-19 causing coronavirus. Thus we can maintain a virus free and healthy environment. Coronavirus can live on different surfaces. As a result, when we interact with such surfaces, they can enter our body. If you want to know more tips to stay away from coronavirus, please visit our previous blog here How to stay away from Coronavirus?

What are Pathogens?

Pathogens are microorganisms that can cause diseases once the enter human body. They also have the ability to replicate once they enter a host body. These pathogens can trouble the immune system and spread disease. They can spread to others by means of touch, respiratory fluids etc.

The Disinfection Process

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Disinfection is a process in which chemicals are used to eliminate germs. As a consequence, it can kill disease causing pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, etc that live on different surfaces. It helps to eliminate various kinds of harmful bacteria.

The common chemical ingredients found in most disinfectants include chlorine, monochloramine, chlorine dioxide, ozone etc.